A mapping is a schema definition that contains: field names, field data types, settings.
Elasticsearch can index any document without knowing the type, if there is no mapping, it is automatically generated.
JSON documents are mapped as Lucene needs.

  • text: full text to analyze
  • keyword: exact values
  • date: string formatted…

This query is used to search for text when you want to find terms that are close to each other.

Parsers are used for the queried field, all terms must appear in the field and have the same order as the input value.

"query": {…

When we make a query we are interested in the most relevant documents, relevance is measured in recall, precision, classification.

  • Recall: the ratio of true positives against all documents that should be returned (many results).
  • Precision: the ratio of true positives against all documents that have been returned (few results).

Article number 3, we will explain the different types of data and how searches and aggregations can be carried out.

There are many types of data, but most of them are:

  • Static data: data that grows slowly, can be inventories, web pages, etc.
  • Time series data: data that grows rapidly…

Elasticsearch works with data structures represented as JSON objects.

  • JSON documents are saved with a unique ID
  • In Elasticsearch the documents are indexed in index
"title": "Elasticsearch from 0 to sky: CRUD",
"tecnology": "Elasticsearch",
"date": "23/02/2021",
"author": {
"first_name": "Ivan",
"last_name": "Frias",
"company": "CIVIR"

Index API is…

We start with a series of articles where we will cover all the points of Elasticsearch, from its history to its advanced use. You can write me if you have any questions or suggestions.

In 1999 the open source project called Lucene was born, created by Doug Cutting.
Lucene is a…

TSVB is an advanced data visualizer, with a renewed and much more powerful interface, it allows you to create different types of visualizations.

  • Integration with Elasticsearch pipeline aggregation, allows to work on the result of other aggregations.
  • Multiple index patterns can be used in the same visualization.
  • High level of…

Filebeat is a lightweight shipper, it is one of the seven available within the beats category.

These agents can be installed on any server to collect all kinds of logs and metrics to later send them to Elasticsearch or Logstash. …

Elasticsearch Curator permite administrar índices y snapshots, de esta forma conseguimos realizar tareas periódicas de mantenimiento como por ejemplo:

  • Crear y borrar índices.
  • Eliminar snapshots.
  • Reindexaciones, abrir y cerrar índices.

Elasticsearch Curator incluye una API de Python que usaremos junto a AWS Lambda

Es un servicio de AWS que permite…

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